Free Windows Software
and where to get it
Updated 11/09/2021

Watch out for the bad stuff
Where to find the good stuff
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Free Email program
Free Backup Software
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Playing and Streaming Music
Other Free Programs
Free Security software
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32Bit or 64Bit programs
Automate install and update for selected programs
Free suppport from your PC manufacturer
Recommended Programs
Get more advice and other opinions about free software

The Internet is bulging with (purportedly) free stuff.
    As always, buyer beware!
    However, there are quite a few desirable, many useful, and a very few nearly-indispensible programs to be had if you know where to find them.

First - Watch out for the bad stuff:

    Didn't want (or need) another browser tool bar (or another browser)? Or goodness knows what other bloatware to clutter up your hard drive? My advice is to pay close attention not only to what the installer program is actually installing but also to which download button you click on the free download site.

    Many vendors of free and low-cost software have added other software to their installer programs - in addition to their own. The installers will place other, unasked-for, unnecessary and generally unwanted software on your PC if you don't decline it.
    While some of this extra software is useful most of it is not. In some few cases these extra programs amount to nothing more than cleverly packaged spyware that Antivirus software companies call PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs).

    So it's wise to always watch what the installer is doing to note what is happening and what is being installed, especially before you click the OK, Continue, or NEXT button.

    With legitimate software, you can deselect the check boxes - either before installing or during installation - and this extra software will not be placed on your PC. You may need to choose a Custom Install option to avoid this extra software.

For an in-depth explanation of this problem check out How to Geek's article on how to avoid junk software.

    If you see indications of other programs to be installed but find you can't deselect anything then perhaps it would be wise to quit the installer and search for another program with the same features. There's plenty of good stuff out there.
    You could also use a free installer program to download and update some of these programs called Ninite. (Read more about Ninite below.)

    It appears that some (thankfully few) vendors of free or low-cost software really want you to install these extra (and usually unnecessary programs) so be aware that in some installers the options to decline are either intentionally confusing or not very obvious.

Confusing profusion of Download Buttons on Download sites
    Many of the free download sites, including my favorite FileHippo, have placed a number of ads on the software download pages. This can easily cause you to click the wrong download button by mistake if your attention wavers. So be sure that, no matter which site you use, you click the correct button for the software you actually want and not one for an advertisement for another product on the same page.

Where to find the (good) free stuff

    The absolute best and most secure place (website) to download good freeware is from The Vendor's Official Website. Find the offical website by doing an internet search: Use
Google, Yahoo, Bing, DuckDuckGo or any search site you feel 100% comfortable with.
    Caution! Be sure the page is actually the creator's actual homepage. There are some copycat sites out there. And, always watch what the installer program is actually installing!

    Next, get it from Ninite whenever you can. (Read more about Ninite below.)

    If you want to get older program versions as well as the latest offerings you can go to FileHippo. They promise that their downloads will be malware and virus-free.
    However, it is always a good idea to be on guard for unwanted installs by the software installer programs once you have downloaded them.

    Also try CNET's
    Much of the software listed is rated by the CNET staff and also by user feedback. These ratings can be very helpful when trying to choose between two or multiple programs for the same purpose.

Other reliable sites to find freeware:

See what the Pros recommend
    PC Magazine's list of freeware
    PC World The best free software for your PC

There are a number of free tools that come built into Windows 10 and my file
CONTROL, CUSTOMIZE, OR GET INFO lists and explains how to access them. Perhaps you simply need to adjust the size of text on your display because it's too small - there's a tool for that in Settings, and much more!

Internet Browser Alternatives
and helper programs

    Since Internet Explorer is a security risk and is no longer recommended for use, especially with Windows 10, Microsoft recommends
Edge, the new browser that comes with Windows 10. Note: The elderly Internet Explorer app will not be included with the new Windows 11 Operating System.
    But if you don't care for Microsoft Edge you can download and try other good, feature-rich, third-party internet browsers. Be sure to make your choice the default app for Web Browser software, replacing Edge. Go to PC Settings, Apps, then Default Apps, to do this. Note: Windows PC Settings is accessed by clicking the gear icon in the Windows Start Menu or by using the Windows key+I keyboard shortcut (hotkey)...(press and hold the Windows key then press the I key).

Microsoft Edge - Before completely discounting Microsoft's browser see what PCWorld Magazine has to say about it.
Mozilla Firefox - Fast and highly customizable open-source Internet Browser from Mozilla.
Google Chrome - Fast and Free Internet Browser from Google.
Opera a fast and feature-rich browser, browse the way you want.

(All of these alternatives can be installed using Ninite.)

    Google Chrome is the most popular browser but many people, including many experts, are realizing that Chrome may not be the most secure browser since Google collects tons of browsing data from its users. You can only speculate how they are using it (targeted advertising?), since they are not saying. Some are discovering that Chrome is also a battery and memory hog, especially on portable devices.

    In addition to Firefox, Chrome, and Opera some other good alternative internet browsers exist including:
Brave for those concerned about speed and security.
Tor Browser for those who are adverse to being tracked.
Vivaldi Browser for those who are crazy about customization.

Also, if you are concerned about security when searching you may want to use Duck, Duck, Go instead of Google Search or Microsoft Bing. See this page to learn how to Set your preferred search engine along with other browser related tasks.
    You can install or check for updates of these three popular runtime/utility programs:

    Adobe Flash Player (Shockwave Video Player) Note: May be blocked when using Chrome browser.
    Before clicking Download Now you can uncheck the boxes to avoid an unwanted software installs.
        Note: Unfortunately, there is no good alternative program for Adobe Flash.

    Adobe Reader DC (PDF Reader) Before clicking Download Now you should uncheck the box(s) to avoid extra software installs.

    Oracle Java (Runtime utility which enables extra features on some websites)
    After downloading the Java installer it will, by default, place a PUP on your PC if you do not uncheck the boxes. I strongly recommend that you uncheck the boxes within the installer to avoid this extra software.
        I agree with many PC experts who advise not to install Java or to remove Oracle Java from your PC, if already installed. Java is both vulnerable to malware attacks and almost totally unnecessary.

        The three programs above require occassional updates to ensure that security holes are closed and support for newer technologies is enabled.
        Many software firms have decided to make extra money by offering additional third-party software along with their own essential software.
        However the extra software offered in the Java installer by default is considered a Potientially Unwanted Program and therefore should not be installed along with the Java software. In addition, many PC experts assert that Java is no longer necessary anyway. .

    Please note!
        Before installing or updating the Adobe software and/or Java I recommend that you view the section about the Ninite installer further down on this page. You can also read my file about Unhelpful helper programs for even more information about why you may wish to avoid some of this software.

Free Business programs

    With the addition of OnlyOffice you now have five choices to get a full featured and free Office suite. All include at least a word processing (document) module, a spreadsheet module, and a presentation module.
  • LibreOffice Recommended Originally based on Open Office. (Can also be installed using Ninite)
  • ONLYOFFICE Introduced at CeBit in 2012, is the latest and one of the better Open Source MS Office replacements.
  • WPS Office (from Chinese developer Kingsoft, formerly Kingsoft Office)
  • Open Office From the Apache Software Foundation - has been around for quite awhile and has been updated frequently enough to keep it viable.
For comparison:
    Microsoft Office Home and Student 2021 costs $150.
    Microsoft Office Home and Business 2021 is $250.
    Microsoft Office Professional 2021 will set you back a whopping $400.
    Additionally, Microsoft Office 365 will run you a cool $100 per year (multiuser) or $70 per year (single user). Microsoft Office 365 also gives you 1TB (per user) of cloud storage with Microsoft Onedrive.

    The free program suites listed above will normally satisfy those who don't have highly demanding needs.
    None of the free replacements may have all the features and power of Microsoft Office, but with them you can read and edit most MS Office files - and they are completely free! No nags for payment.

    LibreOffice is the recommended choice because it has been updated regularly while the others have not been updated quite as often. It is also a user favorite. Finally, Libre Office is the default office software included with most Linux distributions.

    Free Online Apps

    In addition to the above choices Google Docs is a free alternative to Microsoft Office 365 for personal users. It comes with 15GB free cloud storage.
    For business users there is Google Workspace, formerly called G-Suite. it comes with a suite of office tools and 30GB of cloud storage to start for $6 per month.

    The free version of Microsoft Onedrive comes with Microsoft's online office tools as well as 5GB free cloud storage.

    The free version of IDrive also offers 5GB of free cloud storage but without any office tools.

    For an online project management tool try Asana.

    For personal finance services give Mint a try. Mint was acquired by Intuit in 2009. With Mint, you can keep track of your income and spending, create budget plans, set notification alerts for when your account balance is low, and more—all from the web!

Free Graphics Programs

    There are two good easy-to-use graphics programs that will allow you to manipulate photos (get the red out) as well as create your own pictures and sketches. There is also one other that may, in some instances, replace even Adobe Photoshop.
  • Paint.Net is a good program that will please for those who are not graphics artists. Requires Windows .Net Framework. It's easier to install using Ninite.
  • Irfanview is another highly recommended free graphics program. (Good alternative that does not require any supporting software installs.) (Can also be installed using Ninite)
  • The Gimp is a more complicated graphics manipulation program for those who need (lots) more tools but don't want to invest a small fortune into Adobe products. The learning curve is steep for this program. (Can also be installed using Ninite)
  • Online Photo Editor - The Best is Photopea, which also rivals Photoshop for features as well as ease of use.

Free Email Program

Mozilla Thunderbird - Thunderbird is a free open-source email desktop application that's relatively easy to set up and customize. From the same people who created Firefox browser. Click the Features link on their page to learn more. (Can also be installed using Ninite)
(Note - Use the Mail Account Setup Wizard to connect to your email account or your ISP Support can help you with initial setup.)

    The only desktop E-mail programs that are fully recommended for Windows operating systems are Mozilla Thunderbird and Microsoft Outlook, which is not free but is a module of the Microsoft Office Suite and is available with Microsoft Office Home & Business and higher versions.

Free Backup Software

Choose from one of these great free backup applications.
After choosing your favorite, install it, learn it, then create your first backup. Then, if your PC's hard drive crashes or becomes infected with a nasty Computer virus or even Ransomware, you will be so glad you did!

EaseUS Todo Backup Free 10.5

2). AOMEI Backupper Standard 4.0.4

3). Macrium Reflect v6
Note: An external USB hard drive or extra-large flash drive (128GB or more) is normally necessary to store your backup. Be sure to create your Boot Disk and learn the procedure to restore your PC! You will then be ready in case of disaster after you create your first backup is complete. Back up your irreplaceable personal files on a regular basis!

Play media files

    Want to play DVD movies and videos on your Windows 8 or 10 PC (or nearly any PC) with no extra Codec packs required? Get the free
VLC media player directly from Videolan's site (Can also be easily installed using Ninite).
Note: Don't bother with the light-featured Windows 10 app from the Windows store. And don't bother to waste $15 on the Microsoft DVD Player also available from the Windows Store.

Another alternative video player is called Media Player Classic Home Cinema or MPC-HC. MPC-HC is lightweight which makes it quick to run and load.

Small, fast PDF Readers

    There are good alternatives for the unsecure Adobe Reader program which has become a target for hackers and requires constant updates as well as additions to startup items.
    Even with its downside, the
Adobe Reader DC software is still a business standard because of its advanced features. (If you need to use Adobe Reader don't forget to uncheck the box for the extra software before download or update.)

    If you want an alternative choose from:
Sumatra PDF from Note: SumatraPDF can be installed easily by using Ninite.
Foxit Reader - Is an another more feature-rich alternative, but install it using Ninite to avoid extra software installs. Reason: Foxit Reader 5 installer will install a toolbar (you don't want it) and change your default search engine to Ask (bad) if you don't disable these options.

Finally, keep in mind that the Microsoft Edge browser already installed on all Windows 10 PCs also reads and displays PDF files, albeit with no extra features. Simply right-click your PDF and choose Open With - Microsoft Edge. If you have no other PDF readers installed, Microsoft Edge will be default.

Playing and Streaming Music

MediaMonkey - if you are tired of Apple's iTunes bloatware desktop program. All of the features with less hassle, free version is easily installed with Ninite. Syncs with iOS 11 and Android 8.0. Note: Get the free version or the paid version called MediaMonkey Gold. The reviews on Mediamonkey are split, about half thumbs up and half thumbs down. The ones who like it, rave about it!

Spotify - Spotify's desktop music player streams music from the internet. You can sign up for a free ad-supported account or choose a premium (paid) version that has added features and no ads.
    Spotify music player can also be safely and easily installed with Ninite (signup required for service). iOS and Android software also available. Spotify currently has over 70 million tracks to choose from with over 2.6 million of these tracks being podcasts. Neat!

Want to stop using iTunes and start using Spotify, you don’t even have to lose the playlists you’ve created—you can transfer them.

Other music playing services such as Rdio, Pandora, Rhapsody, and Google Play Music require no software downloads for the PC. These services also offer premium accounts for unlimited access. iOS and Android software available.

Other highly recommended programs and Apps
  • Files (Free from the Windows Store)
    Files is a open-source file manager you can use instead of the Windows File Explorer. It has a new design and features such as fluent design, tabs, layout modes, and much more. If you have problems with File Explorer try Files.
  • PC Decrapifier is a program that removes bloatware (crapware) software from your PC - Great for getting the garbage programs out of a new PC!
    Unfortunately, PC Decrapifier has been discontinued by it's developer, with no reason given. If you want an older version that still works you can still download it from Bleeping Computer. Click here to download version 2.3.1
  • Geek Uninstaller only uninstalls programs from your PC. But it gets everything and doesn't leave orphaned files like the Windows Apps & Features or Programs & Features sometimes do. And unlike some other free dedicated uninstallers, it also uninstalls 64bit software and most Windows store Apps. *Bonus* Geek Uninstaller is a portable program that does NOT need to be installed on your PC! If you want to be sure it's all gone, go wirh the Geek Uninstaller.
  • UnChecky If you're tired of unchecking unrelated software offers while installing the software you DO want.
  • Now that LastPass (still pretty good) has changed its terms of use there are now three other Free Password Managers that rate a recommendation.
    1. 1Password is currently the top choice.
    2. Bitwarden is an open-source offering that packs a lot of features for free.
    3. KeePass is the another choice for a Free Password Manager.

    Get one of them today!
  • Zoom is the most popular Online Messanger/Meeting software. Signup for the free version to communicate face to face online with Zoom. (Can also be installed using Ninite)
    Also, secure your meetings & prevent zoom-bombing from Zdnet.

    For those with connected Apple devices - (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, & Apple laptops, including iMacs) Facetime is, by far, the easiest video chat solution.

  • Evernote (the free version) is great if you need to do some research. (Can also be installed using Ninite)
  • Calibre is a great program to use if you like to read books on your computer, tablet, or iPad. Among other things, Calibre can convert e-books to many different native file formats for easy viewing on any device.
  • Recuva If you accidentally deleted a file or lost a file when your PC crashed. Recuva recovers files deleted from your Windows computer, Recycle Bin, digital camera card, or MP3 player. (From the creators of Ccleaner.)
  • 7-Zip If you've ever downloaded a compressed file and can't open it there is an excellent free solution. (Can also be installed using Ninite)
  • Audacity - If you need a good audio editor this is the one you want. Works with nearly all audio files. As an example, use it to remove applause from downloaded audio files. (Audacity is easy to install using Ninite)
        Note: No longer requires any other installations or encoders (such as Lame) to work with Mp3 files. Simply choose Export from the file menu to save changes to audios files, including Mp3 files.
  • FileZilla, an excellent FTP client not only supports FTP, but also FTP over TLS. If you need to upload to the internet Filezilla is the best free solution, and is also better than many paid solutions. (Can also be installed using Ninite)
  • Windirstat and Treesize Free are two great free utility programs you can use to discover large hidden files that are hogging your hard drive. Before buying a new larger hard drive check your bloated drive with one of these utilities first!

  • For those who download torrents the Free Open-Source qBittorrent is an excellent alternative to u-Torrent.

Security software

    If you surf the internet without an active antivirus program installed you're just asking for trouble.

Active Antivirus vs Scan-Only (or On-demand) antivirus Scanner
    An active antivirus program always runs in the background on your PC to protect against any intrusion by malware, virus files and potentially dangerous software the Antivirus software vendors have labeled PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs).

    A scan-only or On-demand antivirus scanner program such as the free version of Malwarebytes runs only when you start the program manually and as such does not interfere with the operation of your active antivirus program or suite.
    Since it never hurts to get a second opinion about the security of your PC it is a good idea to run this program on a regular basis - perhaps weekly or at least monthly.

    You can get the free version of
Malwarebytes Anti-Malware on their homepage.
    Note: Malwarebytes installer from their homepage will enable a free trial of the Premium version. This free trial will change to a Free Version of Malwarebytes if you do nothing in about two weeks. After that you will still be able to update the virus definitions manually and run malware scans with no problems.
    When you install Malwarebytes using Ninite the free version will be installed.
    Malwarebytes is excellent at finding malware that occassionally may slip past your active antivirus since, unfortunately, none of them are 100% effective.

For an Active Antivirus program:
    You can activate Microsoft Defender (formerly Windows Defender) on your Windows 10 PC by uninstalling any (free or Paid) commercial antivirus software and restarting your PC. Note: Microsoft Defender has been improved significantly over the past few years.

Free Third-Party Antivirus
    If you don't care for Microsoft's app simply download and install a free version of a commercial antivirus program using Ninite or the links below.
    Choose from:
Avast Free Antivirus
Avira Free Antivirus
AVG Free Antivirus
BitDefender Free Antivirus (Available only from BitDefender site)
Panda Free Antivirus (Only from Panda site)
Kaspersky Free Cloud Antivirus (Only from Kaspersky Site)

These free antivirus programs are licensed only for home (non-commercial) use.

    Otherwise, if you don't mind opening your wallet for a good program then get Norton Security. You probably don't really need the entire Norton suite. Other than Norton, the best antivirus suites are: Bitdefender Antivirus Plus, Kaspersky Anti-Virus, and Webroot SecureAnywhere AntiVirus. See below for link to more recommendations.

    If you get a new PC with a subscription based (Paid) pre-installed antivirus program and you decide you'd rather get a free one instead it's a excellent idea to download the free antivirus installer program, but then uninstall the paid antivirus program first before running the installer. It's not a good idea to have two active antivirus programs (suites) installed at the same time.

    Always restart your PC after uninstalling this type of software - Before installing the free antivirus program.

Where else to look for a new security program
    For a comprehensive listing of all major security software vendor's sites see my Internet Security Software Vendors List. This file has links to the vendor's sites as well as my recommendations for the best programs and reviews - both Free and Subscription based.
    Also see the Antivirus Scanner Software page to find on-demand malware scanners.

What to watch for and other options:

    When installing (or updating) some free software, especially antivirus programs, be sure to always choose the FREE option rather than the (premium, special, super-duper, exclusive trial, created-just-for-you) PAID version of the software.

    The vendor would, of course, rather make a sale rather than give his (or her) product away so they'll tempt you with bells and whistles you probably don't need and may never use anyway.

    Some free antivirus software is especially riddled with offers to upgrade to premium versions or premium features, for which you must pay. Ocassional popups from your taskbar will tout these offers. Just dismiss these popups with the understanding that's the price you must pay for good free software.

    Unless you are certain you need a feature only available in a paid version - Don't pay! You are certainly NOT obligated. Enjoy the $0.00 cost. Take the free stuff and run!

32Bit or 64Bit programs

    When installing new programs on your PC it is desirable to get ones that will run optimally for the version of your operating system. Nearly all 32-bit programs will run on both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows OS (operating system). With the possible exception of old, outdated software.
    However if you have the 64-bit version of Windows you should always look to see if the software you wish to install has a 64-bit version available (unfortunately many don't).

    *If you're unsure which version of Windows your PC is running just click the Start Button then right-click Computer (or This PC) and choose Properties from the context menu.
    *In Windows 8 or 10 hit the Windows+X keys.
    *Choose System from the Quick Link Menu.
    Somewhere in the window that appears (System) you will find reference to System type (either 32-bit or 64-bit) - if your PC is running Windows Vista, 7, 8, or 10. If you see no System type indication for Windows XP then you have a 32-Bit OS.
You won't be able to install or run 64-Bit programs on a PC with a 32-Bit OS in any case.

Automate install and update for selected programs:

    A free automated installer program from the
Ninite site can either install or update selected software on your PC. And will do it without installing PUPs (potentially unwanted programs) or bloatware that comes with some of them. Ninite requires no installation of extra software.
    If you have grown weary of the need for constant vigilance when installing or updating your free programs for fear of getting potentially dangerous PUPs along with them or installing a trial PAID version by mistake then this will solve your problem.

    When you run Ninite it updates your chosen programs to their latest version. It will do so without the bloatware or any trial versions and it will get the proper version for your operating system (32-bit or 64-bit, if available).
    The selection of program choices is limited to less than 100 programs now, but these are some of the most popular and useful free programs available.

    Ninite is extremely handy when setting up a new PC since you can install multiple programs using a single installer, Saves lots of time! Simply make a list of the free software you wish to get before going to the Ninite site, then after you get there you will only need to make your selections then download an installer which will install them all at once for you!

    The free version of Ninite requires no installation on your PC. To use it go to and choose your programs then click the Get Installer button.
    When you're finished installing or updating with Ninite just delete the Ninite app (drag it to the recycle bin). (You'll get another one from Ninite the next time you want to update or install a program.)

Free suppport from your PC manufacturer:

    If you want free stuff from the people who made your PC - such as - driver software, manuals, or warranty information from your computer manufacturer simply enter their name into to the search field of your browser followed by the word "support" (without the quotes).
    Try it.
Dell support, HP support, Acer support, Lenovo support, etc. If you want specific information you'll probably need your PC's exact model number and possibly the service code or tag for these support sites. They are both on a sticker on the case of your PC or sometimes under the battery on a laptop.
    Some support sites can install a software applet which will auto-detect your PC and provide very specific information about your PC.
    Be sure the site is the official service site for that particular product. There are some copycat sites out there. Look at the internet address to be sure. Especially when looking for hardware driver software!

Recommended Programs
Software no PC should be without!

Security Software
Due to the insidious nature of malware on the internet I recommend that you have both an active and an on-demand antivirus program installed on your computer.

Active antivirus:
    Two excellent choices that are light on your PC's resources are
BitDefender Free Antivirus and Kaspersky Free Cloud Antivirus.
    Note: As I have mentioned above, when updating or registering this free software always choose the free (or standard) option rather than selecting the enhanched or premium version.

Scan-only (on-demand) antivirus:
  • Malwarebytes - Malwarebytes is in a class by itself when it comes to eliminating malware and PC virus files from your PC. Sometimes it hard to believe they're giving it away!
    Always decline the premium or trial version when installing or updating!
Internet Browser
  • Mozilla Firefox - Firefox is a fast, free, and continually updated browser that is highly stable and very customizable. Everyone needs an alternative to the out-of-date Internet Explorer browser or the new Edge browser that now comes with Windows 10.
PDF Reader
  • SumatraPDFCreator - PDFCreator is a small, fast, and reliable replacement for Adobe Reader. PDFCreator does not require any additions to startup items or Windows Services. It is also not a target for hackers, as is Adobe Reader sometime.
Clean-up utilities
  • UnChecky If you're tired of unchecking unrelated software offers while installing the software you DO want.
Play video & view and manipulate image files
  • VLC Media Player - VLC eliminates the need for downloading separate codecs for video types since it already plays everything, as well as DVD videos. (Sorry not Blueray).This desktop program is strong on features.
  • Paint.Net or Irfanview - Both are very good free image viewing and manipulation programs. If you have your photos on your PC you need one of these programs.
If your PC runs Windows 8 or 8.1 (Also runs quite well with Windows 10)
You need a Start Menu Program!
  • Classic Shell - Classic Shell is absolutely necessary if you want your new PC to run the same as the one it replaced. Classic Shell is free, stable and highly customizable. Get it from Ninite where it's listed as Classic Start.
    You can get a Custom Start Button image here for use with Classic Shell.
Where to get these programs
Ninite - Ninite is not a program you install. It is an automated installer as well as an updater. Click here for more detailed information about Ninite.

Note: All of the above software programs in this section except for Ccleaner, UnChecky, and Kaspersky, & Bitdefender free antivirus can be installed (all at once) or updated using Ninite.

Of course, there are other excellent freeware programs that you will probably want on your computer (as well as paid software), depending upon how you use it.

Get Another Opinion

    If you want more options or another opinion about free software (besides mine) simply enter "software for a new PC" (without the quotes) into an internet search box and you will have more opinions than you ever thought you could want, or stomach.
PC Magazine, PC World Magazine, Toms Hardware, PC Gamer, and Tech Radar all compete for your attention with suggestions about free stuff.

I recommend using either Google, Bing or Yahoo for any general internet search. is NOT recommended because of excessive tracking and spyware insertions.

Duck, Duck, Go is recommended if you are concerned with security and do not wish to be tracked. Very handy at times.

Happy Computing!