Contact Us
or drop off a PC for repair
Note: We only work on Windows PCs, Desktops and Laptops,
Sorry, No Smartphones, Macs, Linux, game consoles, or chrome devices

Contact Information:

985-634-6239 is my cellphone number, you can text me also if you choose.

If you would like to send me an email please use -

PC drop-off Information:
    If you wish to drop your PC off please leave it at the Green Thumb Nursery
We will also need your personal contact information and information about your computer.

Required information:
Your name
Your telephone number
The Windows password for the PC you are dropping off for repair
A short description of your computer and what is wrong with it.

What else is needed
    We will have a short form for you to fill out and initial.
    If you are dropping off a laptop PC please be sure you also leave the AC power supply.
    If you are dropping off a desktop PC all I need is the PC and the AC power supply (if it's not built-in).
We do not need your computer keyboard, mouse, monitor (PC display), or the power cord for a PC with a built-in power supply.

    If you would like to consult with me when you drop off your PC at the Nursery please call me at the number above and I will happy to meet you at the Nursery if I am free.

    After you have dropped your PC off for repair you can expect a phone call from me within 24hrs. I will inform you what I have found and how much the repair will cost (especially if the cost is expected to be above normal).

Thank You! Have a great day and I hope your PC problems are few and far apart.