Contact Us
or drop off a PC for repair

Contact Information:

225-294-3683 is my home telephone number and is a land line with no special features.

985-634-6239 is my cell phone number. If you wish to send a text message please use this number.

If you would like to send me an email please use -

PC drop-off Information:

    I have an office and repair area in my home, which is located in a brick home located between the Green Thumb Nursery and the Ponchatoula Storage facility. You may, of course, drop off a PC there (at the front door) to be repaired. Please call before coming to be sure I'll be expecting you.

    In addition, If you are rushed and simply wish to drop your PC off and go you may leave it at the Green Thumb Nursery with my brother Chris, please ask for him to be sure he gets your information, both your personal contact information and also information about your computer.

Required information:

Your name, your telephone number, the Windows password for the PC you are dropping off for repair, and a short description of what is wrong with your PC.
    If you see my brother Chris he may have a short form for you to fill out and initial.

    If you are dropping off a laptop PC please be sure you also leave the AC power supply.
    If you are dropping off a desktop PC all I need is the PC and the AC power supply (if it not built-in).
I do not need your computer keyboard, mouse, monitor (PC display), or the power cord for a PC with a built-in power supply.

    If you would like to consult with me when you drop off your PC at the Nursery please call me at one of the numbers above and I will happy to meet you at the Nursery if I am free.

Thank You! Have a great day and I hope your PC problems are few and far apart.