Antivirus Scanner Software
Where to get it

Updated 04/30/2022

    This is a list of free antimalware scanners that are readily available on your PC, on the Internet, or can be downloaded and installed on your PC.

    None of the software tools in this list are meant to be replacements for your installed active antivirus/antimalware software.
    But if you need an active antivirus program suite see my Internet Security Software Vendors List.

On your Windows PC:

Microsoft Malicious Removal Tool
    If Windows Update is turned on to automatically download and install Windows Updates then a recent copy of the Microsoft Malicious Removal Tool is present on your PC.
    To use the MRT scanner simply enter MRT into the Search box, either in the Start Menu or in the Start Sceen. MRT should be the top or near the top choice.
    IMPORTANT! Run the MRT with Administrator privileges - right-click MRT then chose RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR from the context menu.
    If you have no antivirus scanner software installed this is much better than nothing.

On the Internet

Microsoft Safety Scanner

Eset on-line scanner

F-Secure Online Scanner for your PC

Trend Micro Housecall

    Simply go to the page(s) and start the scanner(s).
    Note: One or more of these online scanners may require that Oracle Java is installed on your PC or that files be downloaded to your PC.

AntiVirus/Antimalware Scanner Software
(to be downloaded and installed)

Norton Power Eraser (If you include the Rootkit scan your PC must be restarted after scan.)
McAfee Stinger

SuperAntiSpyware Free
    Available from:
      SuperAntiSpyware site
    Note: Be sure to choose the FREE version from the SuperAntiSypware site.

    Available from:
      Bleeping Computer site

    Also see Bleeping Computer's Security Utility downloads page for other antivirus/antimalware scanning tools.

Kaspersky's Page of Free Recovery Tools

The Windows Club has a fairly comprehensive list of virus scanners.