We do not perform PC manufacturer's warranty repairs. If your computer is still under its manufacturer's warranty we will be happy to assist you in determining whether any warranty claim exists and provide contact information if needed.
    There is normally no charge for this service unless we must open the case of the PC or perform software diagnostic tests of any kind.

For Software Repairs:

Virus and Malware Removal (limited)
    When we say we have removed all the virus and malware infections from your PC's system we mean it. If within ten (10) days there is a re-occurrence of the same malware problem bring the PC back and we will remove the malware at no extra charge.
    This does not apply to malware termed as rootkits (hidden malware). The presence of persistent rootkits may necessitate a full format of the hard drive and the re-installation of the operating system (Windows) to ensure the complete removal of such malware.
    During this period we will attempt the software removal of any rootkits present at no extra charge before we recommend any re-format of your hard drive.

Operating System Installation or re-installation (Limited)
    If we installed or re-installed the operating system (Windows) in your PC and it fails. If, within thirty (30) days, the PC no longer functions due to an operating system failure we will replace the operating system at no charge.
    This warranty assumes a working hard drive free of malware. If a subsequent hard drive mechanical failure, after the original software repair, is the cause of an operating system failure the hard drive will need to be replaced which may necessitate new charges.
    Some types of malware can cause faults in the operating system (such as rootkits) which may require a reformat of the hard drive and the re-installation of Windows. If persistent malware is present this will incur new charges for operating system repair or re-installation.
    Note: We do not recommend the use of registry cleaning software since it is too easy to remove essential Windows operating system files with their use. If Windows will not start or function properly due to a missing system file the warranty will not apply.

Software installs:
    All software installed during repairs are placed on the user's hard drive to perform a specific function.
    We can make no promises that any software will continue to perform its function free of errors or of its suitability. Software publisher's user agreements apply here.
    If you have no confidence in any software programs we place on your PC please let us know and we will remove them or replace them.

For Hardware Repairs:

    All new parts, including hard drives, ordered by and installed by us have a limited manufacturer's warranty. After repair we will disclose the extent of the manufacturer's warranty.

Our hardware repair warranty
    In addition to manufacturer's parts warranty, all hardware repairs performed buy us have a limited ninety (90) day warranty. There will be no extra parts installation charges during this period. However this hardware repair warranty does not cover software repairs or installations.
    This warranty assumes no subsequent post-repair damage due to electrical surges, water damage, heat damage, or damage due to drops or mishandling after the repair. If such damage is evident the warranty will not apply.

After our 90 day warranty repairs
    Manufacturer parts warranty repairs after our 90 day repair warranty will be charged at our normal repair rates, less the cost of the warranted part or device that we installed. This assumes the part or device failed under normal use. Damage due to electrical surges, water, heat, or drops or mishandling will void most manufacturer's warranties.

Parts Manufacturer's software obligations
    It must be noted that parts manufacturers specifically exclude the obligation to warrant losses of data or software damage or loss of any kind.
    Their warranties only concern the working condition of their devices and nothing else.

Loss of data
    Please note: There is no warranty or guarantee concerning loss of user data. It is the customer's responsibility to back up data. That said, if it is within our ability to save any data from the user's folder on a failing hard drive we will do so.
    We will inform you if recommended repairs may cause loss of data on the hard drive. Please let us know if there is any data on a hard drive you wish to save before we begin repairs.