Hardware Services
Replace or add devices to PC or Home

Hardware Additions:

Random Access Memory (RAM)
    If you have less than 4GB of RAM (random access memory) - and especially less than 2GB - installed in your PC you can probably realize a noticeable speed increase by adding more RAM.
    The amount of RAM you can add will be determined by your PC's model and installed operating system.
    We can tell you whether adding RAM is possible or desirable.

Hard Drive
    If you are running out of room on your primary hard drive and you have an extra bay inside your PC we can add another hard drive to increase the storage space of your PC.

    Have any other device that must be installed inside the case of your PC? Let us know - we can probably do it for you.

Hardware Replacements:

Hard Drive
    If you suspect your primary hard drive is going out or about to go out now is a good time to get it replaced while your data can still be salvaged.
    Be aware that if this is your primary hard drive the operating system (Windows) will have to be re-installed.
    If you have your original Windows operating system disk this task will be no problem.
    If you have no disk extra charges will apply.
    For just a bit extra cost a SSD drive can be installed that will dramtically increase the speed of your computer!

Screen Replacement for Laptop
    If you've dropped your laptop and the screen is cracked don't throw it away. If it's not demolished it can probably be fixed, for much less than the cost of a new PC. Let us look at it before you do anything drastic.

More to come!