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Updated 04/24/2022

Growing Guides - Will open a window within this site.

Bougainvillea Growing Guide - This page contains specific information to help you grow and maintain this spectacular vining shrub here in South Louisiana.

Help With Rose Bushes In The Summer - Are your roses not doing well no matter how much you fertilize them?

Tomato Growing Guide - Tips for growing Tomatoes in South Louisiana

Planting Guide - Comprehensive guide for planting Shrubs, trees and potted plants.

Plants for Baskets and Containers - Plants that can take the heat and sun in smaller containers.

Should you continue to use Roundup? - A controvery is raging over the use of the popular weed killer - includes a list of alternatives to Roundup.

Do mosquito-Repelling plants actually work? - Don't be taken in by exaggerated or false claims.
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LSU Agriculture Center - This site contains a wealth of information on all aspects of horticulture, specifically for Louisiana.

Horticulture Hints - From LSU Ag Center. This popular publication was once distributed in printed form from the County Agents but now is available only as a PDF directly from the LSU Ag Center Site.

Sustainable Gardening Planting Guide (PDF from the LSU Ag Center) - Don't know when, what, or how to plant veggies? Get some help from the experts at the Agriculture Center!

Find a LSU Extension County Agent Near You - Have a horticultural or agricultural problem and can't find anyone who can help? Try your local County Agent.

LSU Ag Center Soil Testing - This page will tell you everything you wanted to know about testing soil, plants, and water quality. Includes a list of places to get a testing kit.

American Rose Society - Need some authoritative information on roses or want to contact fellow rosarians?

     The next two links were submitted by members of Local AARS in New Orleans - Thanks!
     An Informational Flower Guide About the Rose
     All About Rose Gardening

Azalea Society of America - Find out more about this highly divergent class of popular flowering shrubs.

All America Selections - "To promote new garden seed varieties with superior garden performance judged in impartial trials in North America."

Planting Herb Gardens from LSU Ag Center

The Ultimate Guide to Fresh Herbs - Explains how to use fresh herbs. - Comprehensive information about Perennials!
Includes: What is a Perennial?

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