Our #1 Rose Bushes are received bare root in December.
We then pot them in 3 gallon pots for sale in the Spring.
    This is a listing of varieties that we normally carry every year.
To this list we add varieties that have been requested or varieties
that we think have promise for growing in our area.

Hybrid Tea Roses

CHRYSLER IMPERIAL - Medium Large Red, Extremely Fragrant

MISTER LINCOLN - Large Red w/long stems - Very Fragramt

JUST JOEY - Medium Large Orange/Yellow bicolor - Moderately Fragrant

PEACE - Medium Large Yellow/Red Blend - Moderate Fragrance

DOUBLE DELIGHT - Medium Large Red/White bicolor - Very Fragrant

Grandiflora Roses

QUEEN ELIZABETH - Medium Large Pink w/long stems - Moderately Fragrant

Floribunda Roses

SUNSPRITE - Medium Large Yellow - Moderately Fragrant - Resistant to black spot

BELINDA'S DREAM - Medium Large Pink - Slightly Fragrant - Resistant to black spot

EBB TIDE - Medium Large Lavender Purple - Fragrant - Resistant to black spot

Shrub Roses

DOUBLE RED KNOCKOUT - Medium Semi-Double to Double - Slight Fragrance - Resistant to black spot

Climbing Roses

Cl. America - Large Coral Pink Blooms - Fragrant - AARS Award Winner

Cl. Don Juan - Large Red Blooms - Fragrant

Cl. Joseph's Coat - Large Mulit-colored Blooms (yellow, orange and pink)

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