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The Far East
East Asia, India, Australia, and the Pacific Islands (excluding Hawaii)

Tokyo, Japan
    Things to do in Tokyo - Restaurants in Toyko
    Michelin restaurants in Tokyo, Japan

Osaka, Japan
    Things to do in Osaka - Places to eat in Osaka
    Michelin restaurants in Osaka, Japan

Kyoto, Japan     Things to see in Kyoto, Japan
    Michelin restaurants in Kyoto, Japan

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Seoul, South Korea
    Things to see in Seoul, South Korea
    Michelin restaurants in Seoul, South Korea

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Taipei, Taiwan
    Things to do in Taipei, Taiwan
    Michelin restaurants in Taipei, Taiwan

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Hong Kong, China     What to see and do in Hong Kong, China
    Restaurants in Hong Kong, China
    Michelin Restaurants in Hong Kong

Macao, China
(Also Macau)
    What to see in Macao, China
    Restaurants in Macao, China
    Michelin Restaurants in Macao

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Republic of Singapore
    Things to do in the Republic of Singapore
    Michelin restaurants in the Republic of Singapore

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Manila, Philippines
    Things to do in Manila, Philippines

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New Delhi, India
    Things to See in New Delhi, India

Agra, India
    What to see in Agra, India

Mumbai, India formerly Bombay
    Things to see in Mumbai, India

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Colombo, Sri Lanka     What to see in Colombo, Sri Lanka
    Restaurants in Colombo, Sri Lanka

Maldives Islands

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Brisbane, Australia

Sydney, Australia

Melbourne, Australia

Ayers Rock, Australia (Uluru) (fly from Melbourne or Sydney to Ayers Rock Airport)
(also see Mount Conner (Attila) approx 100Km east of Ayers Rock Resorts on Lasseter Hwy)

Perth, Australia

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Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea

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Wellington, New Zealand

Auckland, New Zealand

Christchurch, New Zealand

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French Polynesia - Society Islands

See Also: The Islands of Tahiti Certified - Best Places To Stay In Tahiti - Traditional Tahitian Food - The Tahitian Islands

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More South Pacific Islands:

Cook Islands


Kiribati (including Gilbert Islands)

New Caledonia


Soloman Islands



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